Low Latency software for a Mac similar to ScriptPlayer?

Years ago I had a Windows PC and used Scriptplayer to play videos alongside scripts and they were responsive and easy to manage. Drag and drop your MP4 and .funscript and off you went.

For the last 2 years I have had a Macbook Pro and can’t use scriptplayer due to no support. I’ve used xToys to load my videos and script but its too slow and doesn’t offer allow me to jump around a video with ease like ScriptPlayer could do.

I had asked in the past if there was any software that was comparable and everyone said no.

As we approach 2024, I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction of bluetooth software that can work for Mac similar to Scriptplayer?

using GitHub - stashapp/stash: An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Documentation: https://docs.stashapp.cc myself (with the handy, not bluetooth)

what toys are you using?

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I’m using the Kiiroo KEON which is a bluetooth device which is what’s making this entire process difficult.

I was using a Windows device with a bluetooth dongle that connected to Scriptplayer and it was so easy to use. I’m just so baffled that nothing has been made for Mac despite how large the scripting community is.

If you’re looking for something to work with the OSR2/SR6, I put together a plugin for IINA: GitHub - saturdaythrowaway/iina-tcode: TCode Support for IINA. Adding support for Buttplug.io is something I had thought about but currently don’t have the time to do.

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