Lua script for saving and loading patterns

I have a question - does anyone know if there is a lua script for OFS that lets you make a pattern, select it and save it so you can use it in future projects by pressing a button which would paste them in? If there isn’t one i might go around creating one in the future, but one like this exist it would really help me out in making stuff like PMVs where some music patterns repeat

I keep a low quality video that’s like 5 hours to use as pattern storage/workspace. You can switch to it, cut, switch back, and paste. If I like a pattern, I’ll use ScaleTimeStamps to slow it down, then store like 20 copies incrementally speeding it up until it’s really fast, so there’s a variety of speeds available to paste in later.

Not the fastest solution to what you’re wanting, but it does the job.

thats definitely an interesting approach but as you said, kind of time consuming - thats why im wondering if there might be a lua script for it, if there isnt i might try to figure out a way to try and make one but it’d take a while

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