Lustbound JOI-Demo v1.6 [02.2023] | [PC / Web] 3D - AI - SexToy Support - Funscripts & More

Lustbound JOI Demo - With Bluetooth Sex Toy Support, AI-Driven Dialogue, Voice and a dynamic pose System.

But, since this is my first post here… HEY THERE :wave:
Someone actually already made a small post about our game here on Eroscripts, since there was a bit of interest, I thought I’d share our demo here too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m FlashBangZ, we’re a small Hentai-Dev group, who are currently making Lustbound. A game with a lot of features planned…but enough of the future and more of what we have here right?

Links first, as most people are very likely interested in these the most.

Windows x64 PC ( Recommended, needed for Bluetooth Toys to work! ):
Visit our Downloadpage!
You can also find our Discord and patreon there!

Browser-based WebGL:


Currently, you can find a simple Redlight / Greenlight gameplay here, if you are a patreon, you can find a Freeplay mode too. It was the first test for our previous mentioned systems, to be precise you will find:

Interactive JOI sequence

  • Red light / green light mechanic
  • Funscript Support
  • Edging countdown
  • Assisted and simultaneous climax endings
  • Reactions to tell Estelle to slow down, speed up or stop
  • Bluetooth Toy Support [Wouldn’t post it here otherwise :wink:]

Of course a lot more is planned down the line! You can find an overview on our Patreon, where our focus is on currently.



Reactions and comments to everything that happens! This will influence your joi session, hard to describe, better to try out!


Bluetooth Sex support:

We pretty much support everything there is that supports Buttplug. Most notable the Handy, lovesense toys and even fucking machines!


Crystal ball image portal (your favorite porn in the game):

  • Search the internet for the things you’d like to see while playing. They will appear in the game
  • Or create your own custom gallery (PC version only)
    *You can download and use these premade galleries, which can be found on our Discord or “here"[/b]


Dynamic animation system:

  • Pattern driven inverse kinematics
  • With a handful of sex positions to get you started
  • Code based for the most part, instead of fixed animations


Voice (Only snippets for now):

We are working with our voice artist around the clock to make our game more immersive with sounds and her lovely voice. It takes a while longer to work on dialogue because of that, but quality has it’s price right?


Support for Funscripts!:

Play your favorite funscripts while watching Estelle!


And other things! But where would be the fun in spoiling everything right?

We’ll post updates here regularly, so check back from time to time!

Lastly, we have an in-game feedback & bug report tool, we would be very happy if you could write us a small feedback! :love:


Small preview of the upcoming Update 1.6 - New Environment, global illumination and more.


Changelog [compressed]:

1.1 [07.06] - Free Play mode is here! + Several bugfixes from the reports.
1.2 [20.06] - Project officially ported to Unity 2021 + Better stability and future technology support
1.3 [01.10] - SexFX Dynamic Sound System / Mouth Full Alternative Dialogues / Volume Settings Sliders / Added arousal slider to Free Play controls
1.4 [30.10] - Added skin colorization and some basic presets
1.5 [23.12] - Added Funscript support, fixed a lot of bugs and made changes to accommodate a better model soon.
1.6 [02.2023] - Added the first full 3D Environment - New lighting system & more stuff.


Looks cool :slight_smile: Any way to make it work with the OSR2 via Intiface ( So far I can get Intiface to host the server, and the OSR2 to connect, but Lustbound is not picking up the device. Am I missing something?

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Sadly not yet :no_mouth:

Until buttplug gives us direct access to external intiface exe, we can only support Bluetooth toys currently.

Since 1.4 we support T-Code aka OSR2 and similar :wink:


I cant figure out how to connect my handy. i clicked the bluetooth button in the main menu but it just does not connect. can someone help?

First off, thanks for trying it our :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is your handy already updated to FW3? Does it appear in the windows bluetooth list?

Our basic tutorial would be

  1. Press the signal icon at the bottom right of the main menu or pause menu to start the Bluetooth client.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth enabled toy, and put it in pairing mode.
  3. Lustbound should then automatically detect and connect your toy.

yes its on 3.2.0
and if i click on “add bluetooth device” in windows, my bluetooth dongle can finds it but not connect to it(not sure if this is normal)
nevertheless i can use intiface and it works fine with scriptplayer
after following your steps: on the bottom left it eventually says “looking for bluetooth device…” but it does not seem to find my handy.

Mhm…Could you restart your pc once real quick?

We had it before that a user got his lustbound server bugged, a restart should help there.

tried restarting my pc now. still the same issue

Could you maybe write us in the Discord? Would need to test a few more things.

And yeah pretty much what Robofap wrote.

Make sure Intiface server is offline and the Intiface Desktop application is closed before trying to run Lustbound.

Do you think it’s possible to integrate with Handy API? so that the game would work via the internet and handy connection key instead of the bluetooth?


oh hey @FlashBangZ , i played your koikatsu and other mod packs. welcome

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Same issue, also tried turning Intiface server offline and closed the app, Bluetooth still doesn’t want to connect to the Handy but everything else works fine.

@FlashBangZ very good.
I discover.
You think of implementing a wired connection. When I imagine what you could do with an OSR or a SR6.
Oh fuck.

Sadly not possible as well, at least for us currently :sweat_smile:

Does the handy app connect to your device?

Just checked, it does!

Can you get into contact with us on Discord as well? So far the people who have issues are very small in number, so we’re hoping to maybe find a common denominator.

I discovered the game 1-2 days ago on another website and tested it right away because it looked good. I wasn’t disappointed. The graphics are better than 90% of the ero games out there. Estelle is cute and has a beautiful voice (better than most comparable ero games.) The integration of my interactive toy via Bluetooth worked great and gave me 1-2 “highlights”. :wink:
I haven’t joined the Patreon YET, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the game. If the game develops better than the last (felt like) 100 others of its kind, I will definitely join the Patreon sooner or later.

I think Lustbound has HUGE potential and could become what so many other games of its kind failed to do.

If you have the latest firmware for handy, try holding the button to get the blue light for connection versus the purple for wifi connection.