Lustbound JOI-Demo v1.6 [02.2023] | [PC / Web] 3D - AI - SexToy Support - Funscripts & More

would it ever be possible for gif support to be added to crystal ball?

Technically it should with a bit of work, however as we want to focus more and more on the “Main actress” and everything around, I’m not really sure if it’s worth putting more time on it :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure Steam is okay with you game. There a alot more explicit stuff on Steam these days.


@Ripovitan_R Could you guys test again with the debug panel enabled? There should be a Speed slider, which would really help on the feedback.

That’s what I always do. I find that the problem isn’t mainly the speed, but the movements.

So, it feels like the host is programmed to switch to a random movement every X seconds. Am I correct? That’s all well and good, but some of the movements, particularly those meant to only stimulate the tip, don’t really stimulate at all, yet those movements are often those the host chooses. So I can adjust the speed all I want, and if she chooses a nice movement that stimulates the whole shaft then that’s great, but I find that, even when I’m supposed to climax, she will go to one really nice movement but then go straight back to only the tip, which is basically zero stimulation.

I always go into debug mode and set it to full speed cause otherwise I might as well sit there all day xD I also always set it to “full length rand”, cause that’s where I get the most stimulation, but it will always go to another movement with very little stimulation, so I have to change it constantly. I would be fine with the other, more subtle movements if they were a little longer in range. Also, IMO it would be nice if the countdown ended with perhaps a scripted set of movements that ultimately end with large, big and fast movements, to ensure that you can actually finish the session.

But sure, I can go in again and test things out.

Alright, that’s a lot of info to work with, huge thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I really wish this could plug into Scriptplayer so it could work with an E-stim box or an OSR2. The demo is fantastic. Can’t wait to see the final product!

Sadly everything is generated on the fly, if we pre-compile it to a script, it would take out every piece of dynamic function :sweat_smile:


looks very interesting! sadly i just have an OSR+ :frowning: waiting for support, that would be so great!

As long as it doesn’t have bluetooth, we sadly can’t even connect our game with it :sweat_smile:

i thought with you also can adress osr2? i thought that is a standard connection

Any updates coming ?

Dynamic Audio is primarily done, only small bugs left to adress.

And we added quite a big request feature :grin:
@Ripovitan_R @StanSpook @Mument2000

This logic will boost the smaller movements into “longer and more intense ones” will interact less with the already intense ones though.

So this will basically raise “Average intensity”
Hope we can get some feedback when update hits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just to be clear, is it something that would even be possible without the current technical hurdles since Scriptplayer can generate scripts on the fly?

The Problem are scripts in itself, which we don’t use, they are generated beforehand, then send to the handy (for example) to be executed via wifi.

We don’t use that tech, as we directly tell the devices to move / do something in live-time.
So unless someone edits the API very heavily or makes devices more accessible on different fronts, that sadly is the limit :sweat_smile:

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That sounds good. Looking forward to it.

maybe as an option to talk to OSR2 and SR6 you could talk to them directly over Serial instead of using buttplug?
should just be tcodes directly to the Serial Com device. like with multifunplayer i can directly connect over serial and live control my OSR2 on all axis

Just a thought, i guess it makes your project more complex for the toy controls


Will definitely take a look, in the ende we really just need to send signals one at a time, and not be forced to upload an entire command set :sweat_smile:

As for other updates if any person reading this has a

  • Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2
  • Lelo F1s
  • Mannuo
  • Magic Motion
  • OhMiBod
  • WeVibe / Satisfyer

We would really appreciate if you hit us up in the Discord for some technical tests in 1.3 :grin:

This ever make it to android?

The web-gl version already runs on Android, or what exactly do you mean?

A dedicated Android version will likely get harder to do down the road, since we plan to add a lot of stuff. :sweat_smile: