Machine Learning/CNN scripting

Update: Here it goes SexLikeReal AI scripting tool. Feel free to try it out.

SLR is looking for even better interactive sex toys integration. Looking for means of ML/CNN to automate script creation process.

Things might work quite well with collecting, annotating and augmenting data and putting these into Keras/Tensorflow or any other tool

Email with “CNN engineer” in the subject


:exploding_head: Holy hell, sounds exciting!

Haha that’s funny, I proposed basically this exact idea earlier this week in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really have the chops to apply, but I wish you luck since I think the idea is definitely feasible!

This would be awesome!

that’s a great thread. thx for sharing

Well I sent an email. 20 years of computer vision experience (yes it existed since the late 90s) developing object tracking for medical, educational, and military purposes. Right now I’d rather work on this than making planes kill people better.


you’re doing god’s work if you end up making this real

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With how insanely accurate those deepfakes and AI upscaling type of software can do I can definitely see this being very feasible. Will be looking at this with great interest!

I think AI will struggle with this unless video is made to cater, because the toy has to represent too many things at once. Should it track the left hand at the base, mouth at the tip, or right hand stroking? Choosing which, and bridging the transitions taking into account what happened prior, and what happens next, requires understanding of the context. I think full skeletal tracking, and interpreting that information rather than cropped pictures would be necessary for it to do a decent job, but I don’t see it competing with human scripters without an enormous investment. Honestly, if SLR wants more scripts, you’d be better off getting the pyramid scheme managing it out of the way, and directly hiring some scripters at a living wage. The way your vendor model is being managed is why the first five pages of new videos has 1 script. If you’re having trouble paying people to look at porn, you’re doing something very wrong:P

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It’s a shame that SRL’s monthly subscription doesn’t include using the interactive scripts though. Kind of kills it paying a monthly sub AND paying for each script while all the other sites offer it together.

Kinda feel the same way, especially that they sub is the most expensive one accross all vr sites ($37.99 without promos).

Once they create software to automatically create the scripts they won’t have to rely on vendors from realsync, because they will do scripts themselves so here is the hope for scripts included with the subscription :pray:

It’s a shame that SRL’s monthly subscription doesn’t include using the interactive scripts though. Kind of kills it paying a monthly sub AND paying for each script while all the other sites offer it together.

Almost every service offers add-ons of all kinds. If you buy a car, register domain, online multiplayer or else - there’s a ton of stuff to buy on top of that. Videos and scripts are created by different people and these should be paid. Just think of someone who spent good 8 hours of his life to make you a script that sells for like $3.49. I think it’s a fair pay. Think of SLR like a marketplace, not a seller’s place.

Also we are looking to get you guys scripts Premium by the end of the year.

Let’s see where things go with ML though.


Kinda feel the same way, especially that they sub is the most expensive one accross all vr sites ($37.99 without promos).

You always get $19.99 with annual deal. Some very few people pay without promo. That price just can’t go as a reference.

People always will be involved to deal with scripts. It’s just different type of involvement. But I’m looking forward to see where ML brings us. We are definitely looking to democratise the service.


Totally looking forward!

You can’t be for real. You can as well say that the lifetime subscription is free because it’s technically infinite value.

Sure. If that works for you

Just saying Thanks @doublevr - for all the foresight and investment into interactive to date and still ongoing :handshake:

Thanks for also trying to offer and help customers find as much value as possible (like looking into getting Scripts Premium) at the same time trying to help us, fellow passionate scripters here on ES, earn a decent side income and living possible through SLR Interactive!

Almost all sites do not have scripts actually, and if they do, they are old scenes from years ago and I can guarantee the quality does not come close to our highest level experiences possible at SLR.
That said, hang tight for planned Scripts Premium subscription :+1:

It takes alot of infrastructure and investment and dedication to get to the point that we are at with SLR Interactive - this is only the beginning guys

Thanks again @doublevr for everything you’ve helped bring behind the scenes for the interactive community and industry to date, and all the exciting plans for the future!


Aren’t you official scripter for CzechVR? They don’t have problem offering scripts for recent scenes with the subscription. Unless what you are saying is truth and you somehow make the scripts there worse than on SLR? Kinda weird way to put it in my opinion.

That being said I’m looking forward to the scripts subscription on SLR.

I used to be yes @RotiRoh - this week was my last week there unfortunately (Ill be updated a few posts eventually) and no, I dont make my scripts worse anywhere (if anything only better with every new advancement in tools and tech)

The guys at CzechVR are amazing and we have a great relation, but I couldnt justify any longer keeping up that work there for what it was returning for my time invested, as much as I wanted to, and thankfully they were understanding about it

SLR has been really great with the support I could get there for my time, which means the world, since I was able to make the choice to leave my real daytime job to do this work full time now for my family and my future

I hope the scripts subscription works out too, thanks!


I experimented a little with motion tracking back in the day and I could definitely see it being helpful for cowgirl/reverse cowgirl sections in vr. I can only see where AI could bring it. And it doesn’t have to make the whole script perfect - if it gets most things right than we are talking about hour or two per script instead of few days for some cases. For VR it would be a great feature, but for 2D scenes not so much because of the camera movements.

Yeah, only Czech VR is an exception. Thinking about things like Feelme give me thrills every time :scream:

Cool that you are working on subscription for scripts.