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SexLikeReal AI scripting tool

SLR Studio 2021-11-25 16-09-36-3

Hey guys.

ScriptAI is the first iteration in our effort to greatly automate script making. You need an approved SLR vendor account with at least 1 script on sale to login. Contact @Realcumber to get you all set or

Watch this tutorial before you get started with the app:

We have added two big features since the tutorial was recorded:

  • Drag over multiple dots to select them, use up and down keyboard arrows to move them around (Dropbox - SLR Studio 2021-11-25 16-09-36.mp4 - Simplify your life)
  • You can draw an anchor and amplitude line right after you make your tracking boxes, click start tracking as usual and you’ll see a wave created in real time as it tracks.

What’s on the to-do shortlist:

  • Faster tracking (x2)
  • Optical flow tracker for positions where no penetration is visible
  • Convert all SLR videos into small mono fisheye footages so you can download these fast and track them faster too.
  • 4K or higher resolutions are not supported. Reduce them to 1080p or lower (might need some experimentation) and cut one eye off, it’s going to boost the speed a lot. Automating the whole thing now.

Longer todo list:

  • Pre-tracking hands, feet, etc with deep learning on a server

Please let me know how it works for you. Our goal is to bring scripting time up to one hour or less. Please report any issues or bugs.

Known issues:

  • Some rare users have GUI problems which are not yet fixed
  • 4K or higher is not supported

Download the latest version here (Win Only)

If you are new and don’t know how to script start with Try Creating Your Own Interactive Sex Toy Scripts! Step by Step Tutorial! - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos


I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I’m confused why you post this here in the EroScripts forum when it’s not a publicly available tool that anyone here can download and use? This sounds like something you should post on the SLR forums for your vendors since no one here can use this unless they already are a vendor on SLR (if I understood your post correctly regarding account requirements to use the tool).


That’s an interesting point. Never thought about it like that. Just something we really wanted to share with the community as it seems to be a breakthrough we have been talking about for a while.

Otherwise I don’t know what’s the best way to distribute it other than make it available for SLR scriptors that anyone can apply. I’d wish there would be a better way around

the same for me I can not use it or and the interest?

ok you answered my question thank you pity I’m for saving time

A lot of scripters here have been using the tool below for 6 months now. I can’t compare the accuracy and quality of your scripting tool of course since I’m not a vendor and have no plans to become one (tax stuff is just too messy for something that never be more than a hobby for me).

But I welcome any attempts to make the process faster and less labor heavy. Hopefully script prices will go down eventually when automation do the heavy lifting and less time is spent on each script.


We can make it work for you and other trusted ES members without being approved vendor. Just create an account with Sign up | FLP and let me know it.


Sounds like someone want try make easy money from us.


Imho it looks right now that the tool can do as much as the tracker freely avaliable here. My suggestion - try to implement it into JFS for easy checking / editing of currently tracked material. It saves a lot of time if you can see if the tracking boxes were placed correctly.

@doublevr the sign up link asks for a lot of informations - tax IDs, bank credentials - I don’t even know if you can put all those informations without having company / sole propertiorship. Maybe you could post a short unedited funscript with the slr video link so we can check what the tool is capable of ourselves.

I hope vendors will use the tool with the right mindset. If it’s similar to the tracker avalaible here (looks like it’s basically the same) you have to be careful and don’t blindly trust the created funscript for a good effect.


@doublevr i have an account there, can i got access too?

Reg info doesn’t have to be accurate. Just make sure email is right


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I do not receive an email confirming registration

Hey. Please let me know if your login issue is nor resolved yet. I checked your SLR account and it should work now.

It works now.

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I’ve been using the free Python-Funscript-Editor v0.1.7 and seems to work well once you figure out how to use it

Have you tried to compare the two? @Bruce will get you all set to test it

Well I just noticed the download attached to this post (was this there yesterday?) and I downloaded and installed it… but now asking for my email/password. I do have a SLR login that I previously used to buy stuff… but it doesn’t seem to work… get “Undefined error”

Read this post further up this thread: SexLikeReal AI scripting tool - #7 by doublevr

I signed up with some dummy information…I presume real information could be added later if needed?.. I mean from what I could see I don’t think I could even add a bank from my country (country not on bank dropdown list). Tried logging in and get: “Your account is waiting for approval” so will see what happens.