Magnetic sleeve attachment

Does anyone have STEP Files of Quickshot and Handy Sleeve ring holders? Also a connector piece to the Handys moving velcro holding part would be great. I can only find stl files that I can not model with.
I need it for magnetic attachment of the sleeve in a ring. The most downturning thing about the Handy is strapping in blind with a headset on. I feel like David Copperfield when it works quickly. Magnetically you would just click in.
So if someone can provide STEP files I dont have to reinvent the wheel.

You can convert STL files using FreeCAD, and probably a few other tools.

I tried that before Shapr3d hates everything that formerly was an stl just open somewhere.

Magnets can affect handy sensors apparently - have you tried the newly designed clip on sleeve holders yet? Xmas and New Year Handy Gift pack for 2023 and 2024 by Abdulis - Thingiverse

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