Making CH scripts

So basically I’m trying out scripting and seeing where it goes. Now I wanted to know if there was some sort of shortcut or software that can be used to either auto script cock hero vids with a beat bar or at least help out.


I would like to know the same. Please share if there is any knowledge base on this topic.

First of all, using the beatbar is very unreliable. Even in the video itself it can be quite offsync with the sound. And the sounds are the queues your brain realy reacts to.

There are tools to parse audio and get timestamps of beats (dont know the tools myself though). But even in this case, these tools can miss beats easily. If blindly relying on such tool, your script might get an error.

Personaly i still just do the stuff to get the beats manualy, playing back the video at for example 60% speed. Actions of repetetive sections will be accurate enough at this point that it wont matter. For the fastest sections, OFS cant go below 25% speed without losing audio, but once it goes below that, beats will generaly be too fast to notice a missing one (as long as its a steady rhytm), not to mention that too fast beats will feel more like vibrations instead of strokes.

And yes, all my beats will initialy just be at the bottom position, i dont bother with the other point at this time. For the final parse, i then just use a script to generate the upper nodes. Which thanks to my script knowledge can make the way they are handled quite consistent. Still, even here, you sometimes are better off doing manual stuff. 3 very fast strokes in a normaly quite spaced beat can for example just have 100% upstroke before them, and then 3 downward strokes of shorter length (for example 100->60->70->30->40->0), which then still gives that feedback of having a beat, but uses the full length.

Dont expect to have a proper CH video of an hour long made under an hour using such scripts. You need to test it at least once while not skipping anything. Normaly you do this step during creation manualy, but when generated it must be done afterward. Even if it does have some bugs then, you can at least be sure its decent enough.

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while its still not as reliable as doing it manually the program those people showed me helped me do half of it without needing to do all of it by hand so that was nice

this was in formative

liked this post had a lot to say THANKS

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As long as you only use it as a supporting tool, thats completely fine. But i had several generated scripts that simply failed at properly matching the beats. Sure, they reacted to the audio, but the interval between beats was quite inconsistent. It also depends on the video here, the clearer the beats, the better the tools.

And as i also said, i use a script for the upstrokes. Which is otherwise a very tedious task. (i havent posted the script here as its VERY buggy and havent bothered fixing it, but maybe i should just decide to fix it).

CH scripts have a lot of parts where lazyness can be helpful. Using these methods isnt bad at all, just make sure you check the result before uploading it. A missed beat or severe missalignments in a CH video is very distracting and makes the diffirence between a good and bad script.

EDIT: since i mentioned the script here now, i at least fixed its major issues:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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