Making posts with other people's scripts?

Whats the policy on making posts with other people’s (free) scripts?

Essentially I’m trying to script some PMVs featuring the actual music video edited between the porn. Some of the PMVs I’m coming across with this sort of theme have music which have already been scripted to by others. All I would have to do in some of these cases is line things up according to the length of the video.

For example, theres a script for a PMV here already which features Nicki Minaj’s song Anaconda. I found another PMV featuring the same song which fits the theme I described above, so would like to re-use the script and re-align it for this new PMV

Of course I will not be trying to pass these off as my own scripts, and will give full credit to the original creators and provide the relevent links to the original scripts etc.

I was also thinking of making just one post with a few of these instead of seperate posts for each case

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Usually you would want to reach out to the original creator asking if its cool to use their script and to appropriately credit them


I think the site rules pretty much answer your question:

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