Site wide rules

These rules are for the protection of both this site and our users.
:triangular_flag_on_post: Please flag any posts that violate the rules.

No torrents or individually hosted media. Other links are generally fine.

You can link to material hosted on another platform if we can redirect any take-down requests or legal issues to them. (eg. pornhub, mega)

Do not link to material hosted by an individual (eg. seedbox) or a peer to peer site (eg. torrents).

Do not actively push other users towards torrented content or torrent sites.

Technically this site only hosts user uploaded script files and images/gifs. Copyright holders should direct their requests to other sites actually hosting content. However we will still try to respect take-down requests where appropriate.

No media containing illegal or non-consensual content

Regarding legality, this can be difficult because different locations have different laws and those laws can change over time. We will do our best to handle these cases as they come up.

A non-exhaustive list of things not allowed:

  • revenge / non-consensual porn
  • deep fakes using a real person’s face
  • child pornography
  • bestiality

Loli/shota, furry rules

Real child pornography or bestiality is not allowed.

Content that is realistically styled is not allowed (as a reference example: Last of Us gameplay). Content that is clearly cartoonized is usually fine but must be tagged and titled clearly.

However, we reserve the right to take down any content we believe is pushing things too far. We understand that these rules aren’t the most specific, but when dealing with fiction we have to rely heavily on discretion.

Only upload your own scripts (with some exceptions)

Generally, do not upload scripts that you did not create. Link to existing posts instead.

Exceptions for free scripts:

  1. You created minor an edit of a script. Share this within the same topic as the original. For example, adjusting timing to a different video source.
  2. Remixing/splicing a script and video. However, try to get permission from the scripters first if you can.
  3. Sharing lost scripts

Exception to the exceptions:
Do not share lost scripts from scripters who have asked their old free scripts to not be shared.

Scripters who have requested their lost/removed scripts not be shared

Message a mod if you want your name added to this list
Started October 25, 2022
TODO, just getting started

Do not pester scripters for free links

It is the scripter’s choice for what links they want to include.

If there isn’t a free link to a video, help out the community by finding and sharing that link yourself. If you’ve tried your best but can’t found a source, you can ask in the thread if someone else can share a link.

Do not ask for links in the replies if another user has already asked for a link.
Do not ask for links in the replies if a free link is already available.
Do not DM scripters asking for links, instead ask in the replies so everyone can benefit.

Please flag users who do not follow these rules.

Scripters may request that no free links to be shared in the replies

  • You must include the no-free-links tag
  • You must make it very obvious in their topic that free links are not allowed.
    In the new script topic template, we’ve included a line that you can use by removing the surrounding line

with the surrounding lines removed
appears as

Users who do not comply with the no free links request can have their post removed.

No harassment allowed

Harassing or threatening other users is not tolerated. Moderators will silence/suspend users behaving this way, which can be temporary or permanent.

No unhelpful advertising

  • No advertising on other people’s topics unless it’s clearly relevant and contributing to the conversation
  • All affiliate links must be explicitly disclosed as such

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