Making room on my hard drive - source material for scripters

OK, I have reached my limit. Hard drive space limit that is. I got tired of deleting one or two videos at a time so I can save the latest one I am interested in. I am deleting 2 of my largest videos but instead of letting them just vanish I figured I would temporarily make them available for anyone to grab. If you are a scripter or PMV/CH creator these may be of interest to you as source material you can clip. If you are just a regular Joe like me you might enjoy these as well.

I have uploaded 2 large videos to my MEGA. They are called 100 cumshots by Klixen parts 1 and 2. Each video is ~14Gb and over 80 minutes. 720p resolution. I saved these in 2019 and who knows how old they were when I got them so don’t expect any new material in here but hey…a Klixen video is a Klixen video.

Anyone can grab these, even on a free account, just use the desktop app and let it run after you reach your 5Gb limit…it will start downloading again in a few hours.

I don’t have a paid account so please import these to your account. Do not download them as it will use up my quota and make it more difficult for others to get them.

I will keep these up for 1 month before removing them from MEGA so grab 'em if you want 'em.


thanks for putting these up for a bit. also brings up the discussion of whether people prefer continuous long vid/scripts or individual short ones

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I never pass up a Klixen video. Thanks.

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These look great! Thanks!

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A friendly reminder that these will be available for 1 more week before they are deleted forever. Enjoy.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO im TOOO LAAAATE :sob: :sob: :sob:.
Do you still have them somewhere?

Sorry, I deleted them to make room on my HD and MEGA.