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making the script section more usable


i am new to the site, and also new to using scripts at all, but i plan to help out and put in the work to make my own scripts.
i certainly do not want to be the new guy complaining. but i do wonder if it is just me or is the scripts section hard to navigate?

a list of forum posts is just not easy to use with so many new scripts coming in.
wouldn’t it be easier to have some kind of gallery where you can use tags to filter. also thumbnails would be so nice. maybe even an exclude function so i can just filter out VR content if i do not own such a device and only want 2d scripts.

as i have been part of a lot of websites over the past 2 decades, i know from experience, that early file sharing sites suffered a lot when the got a lot of content but had no way of keeping it searchable.
some private trackers found their way around this issue with modified versions of gazelle. they are so much more usable, the sheer flood of unmanageable content you get on open trackers is just not practical. (some of you will know what i mean). This is especially a problem when you want to look for something more specific.

good points, but I think a lot of these things are not easily possible due to limitations of the forum software that we’re using.

Perhaps is something you’re looking for? It pulls data from this site.

Perhaps this post that I made some time ago can help a little: How to filter topics to find what you are looking for

You may believe it or not but Eroscripts is still a big step forward to the site we used 2 years ago for script sharing.

1 Like is a great place with discourse as forum software. But… it is just that, a forum. You will never get good structure into a forum with proper taging, data or images. I am happy with it, much better than the forum before.

When I was new here, I was in a bit of the same boat, but got used to it over time.

In my opinion, one disadvantage of creating a more easily browse-able file-based system - would be reduction in the amount of interaction between scripters and users that the current setup provides. Clicking a bunch of check boxes and hitting a bulk “download” button would be easier for the user, but could diminish a bit of the community interaction that happens here.

So I go back and forth in my mind which would be better. My immediate suggestion is to put a bit of time to get used to the system and don’t be afraid to interact with the community. It’ll get much easier and fun!

F95 does a fantastic job with their forum, although I imagine they’ve put in an absolute ton of time and money.

There is a tagging system, but I wish we could ‘suggest’ tags because many posts are undertagged. There’s also although idk how up to date it is

currently @trust_level_3 users (apologies for pinging a big group) are able to rename, recategorize, and change tags on any topic. If anyone wants to volunteer to add/update tags occasionally, that’d be cool

i am new so i am not sure what you mean.

@hugecat : i will work my way up the trust levels and see what i can do. i have been adding tags for other communities before, so i would be interested

it’d be great to have you help with tags. Unfortunately, lowering the trust level 3 requirement for this would be not idea from a moderation standpoint, so I definitely await you becoming level 3 :slight_smile:

F95 is a really popular porn game website, not related to Eroscripts

i tried to look up what the requirements for trust levels are, but the search did not help me.
what does it take to reach trust levels 2 and 3?