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Marking site/categories/topics read

Unless for some reason I just haven’t been able to find it can we have a button to mark not only a specific topic as being read but also on the category level and even site wide? I spend more time trying to get a particular topic flagged as read than I do reading the post sometimes. More often than not I seem to need to wait 5 to 10 seconds for the new posts to unhighlight and remove the blue unread dot. Many times I also have to refresh the page or even do a force refresh often multiple times before it is marked as read.

i use the new/unread tabs and the dismiss

I don’t think there is any way to easily mark topics as read without manually scrolling to the bottom, and from my googling, this isn’t something that discourse plans to support. So the ‘intended’ way to use the forum would be to rely on the New and Unread tabs instead of having everything marked as read. (you have to be watching/tracking a topic to get updates in unread. Replying will automatically start watching the topic)

if it’s a bit finicky to make topics read, that might just be discourse being a little janky, but it might be due to some performance issues we’re running into

Thanks for the tip. That might get me half way to what I was hoping to achieve. The problem I am seeing with this is that it shows 9 new and 0 unread but when I check manually I show 18 new/unread.

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