Max Speed of Popular Devices?

Was wondering as I’m putting a few additional scripts together and it crossed my mind all devices run at variable max speeds… Do we know what the max speeds (units/s) each popular device runs at?

for the launch

Some guidelines (frame counts assume a movie at 24fps)

Actions need to be at least 100ms apart, or will be delayed. So that means at least 3 frames between actions.
The slowest (20% speed) is ~900ms for a full stroke. That is about 21 frames, half a stroke would be 10 frames, etc
The fastest (80% speed) is ~225ms for a full stroke. That is about 6 frames, half a stroke 3 frames.

the Handy
Max speed: 10 strokes per second

  • Theoretical max speed 1600mm/s
  • Practical max speed ~600mm/s

OSR2/SR6 are the fastest i don’t have the speed but if it work for the handy it will work for them.

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The practical max speed is around 400 mm/s for both Launch/ Keon and the Handy, but it’s better to not limit yourself to those values, because the speed will be limited by hardware or software anyway.

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Got it. I did some testing and I think 400mm/s is the right number to go with as a max, especially since it needs to account for the acceleration for each direction change in the stroke. So even though the Handy site says 600mm/s or 1600mm/s (this seems hard to believe), the only device that can probably perform over 400mm/s is the OSR.

With a Handy or better and OSR2/SR6, Launch scripts are boring and The Launch can’t properly use Handy’s scripts.

The choice is here