Media Player help

Hello, I am running Script player with intiface cenral on my PC for local video/script playing. It works well, however i noticed with my Handy that i don’t get as crisp of movements as I can get from FapTap videos hosted online, even with the same video and script.

Is there a better combination for local playing on my PC, or is it just the way it is?

Script Player 1.2.0
Initiface Central 2.5.3

Thanks in advance for the help

Some helpful tips:
Make certain you use latest beta of Scriptplayer.
In Scriptplayer, go to Settings, Timings, and make certain that Min Command Delay is 1ms.

It would also be helpful if you specified if you use BT or WiFi.

Is there any particular reason that you are going through intiface? If you are using intiface then you are probably using bluetooth. If you use scriptplayer and direct connect to your handy it will be using wifi. I’ve tried it both ways and for me there is a night and day difference between bluetooth and wifi. If you do a direct connection and only see the video, but the handy is not responding, try another script and video.

I have the latest version, I will check the settings.

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