Mega download limits

any one know anything about the limits on how much you can download for free from MEGA? it is wanting me to upgrade and i don’t really want to spend money on it. is there a way to reopen more free, i guess, space to allow more downloads?

There is a daily limit for free users. I believe it is an IP limit so you might be able to bypass the limit using a VPN. Otherwise just wait it out.

got it. yeah, i was trying to download 2 vids…one a little over 4 GB and one over 6…so if it is limited to 4 then i might have to give up on it. unless there are other links. or go the vpn route…ugh. thanks for the replies!

just install megasync, than you have a limit of 5GB per day, get yourself a new ip, or wait and the download will go on… (doesnt reset) this way you can download nearly any file… downloaded some files bigger than 10gb this way. no problems.

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Just remember that you should import the files linked for your convenience to prevent using up the generous providers limit!

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I use a VPN and when I hit the limit I switch server and paste the link in a new private/incognito browser windows just to make sure there are no leftover cookies from my last session.

I made a post about this. Bypass Mega download limits, and also stay safe!

Yeah. I have a VPN…I am just lazy and forget about it. :woman_shrugging: The DL limits aren’t really an issue for me. It is the limited space with the free account. I am not about to pay for an account just to store porn vids. LOL

well there is always external HDDs and SSDs