Metadata information

Im just curious as to who adds their information in the Metadata section of the scripts you create?
I did it once and then promptly forgot about it. Im guessing its more used in the Paid script world?

I randomly picked a few paid scripts and didn’t find any metadata at all. However, I use it and I’m pretty sure that @Husky do it as well, at least in newer scripts he made. I primarily use it because if someone look at the script in a year or so and wonder if it is a paid or free script they shall know. My scripts also contain a link to the official video, my profile here at ES etc.

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I added metadata to all my scripts a month or so ago.

I think @Slibowitz adds metadata too.

I think it’s not used for paid scripts at all, I might be wrong.

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I did, but not always. I honestly mostly forgot about that. When I did, I added my name, the link to my script index and the license. But like I said, mostly I forgot about adding it.

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How do you add metadata?

('scuse my ignorance)

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Not a problem, You can add it using OpenFunscripter - another scripting tool - 1.1.9 release(Its in the view section under Metadata) and HandyControl 1.2.3 (28.11.2021) - Added Support for Pyro (Remote Control)(load the script you wanna add the data too and then right click and select Metadata editor)
Those are the only 2 ive used but there may be more softwares that do exactly that.

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Scriptplayer can show the metadata if I remember correctly. Don’t know if you can edit it though.

I am adding the metadata also on my scripts that have videos. It helps to keep track of details and you can add notes for yourself. Adding links helps to get back to the forum post or the video source.


I’ll probably do this to all my scripts going forward. This just makes a lot of sense.

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I’m going to add a tool to quickly add metadata to soon since I think more people should be adding it.

I kind of wish that OpenFunScripter was more proactive in getting creators to add a script. Like if you start a new Funscript, it opens up a dialog where you can enter the metadata…

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I agree! It something i always forget about. Only remembered today because i was procrastinating making a new one and played around. Maybe its worth a mention on the software’s thread.

Everyone needs to start including metadata. There are a lot of good reasons to do so.

  • An artist always signs their work.
  • Metadata makes it easy to go back and comment or check out the scripter’s portfolio for other great scripts.
  • If your script ends up lost and floating around on the internet, it can end up bringing more people over to EroScripts.

@gagax123 prefer defects and feature requests as issues on github. Add this about metadata there and it might very well be added to OFS in an upcoming release.

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