MFP device constantly on and getting vibration / rotation working from OFS

Hello there. I just started delving into funscripts last night so I can create one for audio hypnosis with a device or two. I did some research and got a little familiar with OpenFunscripter, ScriptPlayer, and MultiFunPlayer, but some additional guidance would be helpful. I downloaded a video+script to test with the PearlConch and thought the script actions intensity levels would be outputted as vibration, but nothing happens. I even tried converting the script using and there was no output to the device within ScriptPlayer.

I’ve also gotten MultiFunPlayer working with VLC and Intiface, but when I add a device it immediately runs the actuator type at full output and I have to delete it to get it to stop. I chose the first Axes type which is (L0)UP/DOWN as there seems to be no vibration option. My goal is just to create a script in OFS and then use MFP with either duplicates or script variations for vibration+rotation + another device (Kiiroo Pulse or w/e). So basically, I need to know how to properly connect a device within MFP and get my scripts from OFS to trigger vibration or rotation for either player. Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The default value for L0 is 50% so you need to go to device settings at the top of the window, clone the default device, enable V0, restart and then map your vibe to that.
Instead of enabling V0 you could also change the default value for L0 to 0% which will have the same effect, but they will match different script names.

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Ahh I see, wonderful! Thank you very much. That seemed to solve all my issues and plans for multi-scripts and functions.