Middle Points and Bluetooth Compatible Scripts

The following content is extracted from a Ci-en article by OG9. Translated to English. Apologies for not asking for permission before reposting. I just thought this needs to be known by more script creators.

Bluetooth Versus Wi-Fi

When using The Handy with Bluetooth (BLE) connection, the movement responds immediately when you start playing the video or even when you seek, but for each point there is a very small delay that is almost unnoticeable (around 16.6 to 33.3 milliseconds based on my experience).

With a WiFi connection, there is almost 10 seconds of sync time when you start playing or seek, even with a local WiFi connection. However there is no small delay after the script has been cached, which means the actions will play out smoothly.

BLE’s “Micro-Stutters”

The aforementioned delay with the BLE connection usually doesn’t bother me at all. But you use a script that has an intermediate point in the middle of the stroke you will notice a momentary pause after this point.

About This Middle Point

Middle points are usually added to reflect a change of movement speed within a stroke. The need of middle points usually rises when there is exaggerated movements in the video played by skillful actors or animators.

(This wasn’t so much the case when I first started using TheHandy, but after having it for a long time, I started craving these detailed movements)

This kind of mid-point is Bluetooth-friendly. There is hardly a noticeable difference playing it via BLE or Wi-Fi.

This kind of mid-point is tricky. With a WiFi connection, it feels comfortable with a smooth change in speed. But I’m a little worried playing it via Bluetooth.

*Also, it is not necessary to plot middle point just to match every frame of the video. (Only do it if the speed change is noticeable and purposeful – Falafel)

About Very Short Strokes (Vibrations)

Also, short and high frequency strokes, aka “vibrations”, can play out differently via Bluetooth connection.

There’s 66.6 milliseconds interval between each points.
I only use this at the cum section of a video.
At this level, you can enjoy it via BLE connection without feeling any difference compared to Wi-Fi.

Here, the interval is 33.3 milliseconds.
This is rarely used, but may be useful for emphasize moments such as intense fellatio, vibrating inserts, or intense cumshots.
The movement plays out quite differently between BLE connection and WiFi connection. (I try not to use it too much as a result)

NOTE: If you are using ScriptPlayer, Make sure to set the “Min Command Delay” to 1ms. Or these strokes will be skipped!


For the mid-points and vibrations illustrated above, I’m usually in for the latter ones. But sometimes it is difficult to use them via WiFi connection because the video is very short. Bluetooth connection become useful in these situations because it allows for seamless looping within the player software. For these videos, it can be useful to make scripts that’s more Bluetooth-friendly.

But of course, you can also edit the video yourself and loop it and the script several times to enjoy them via Wi-fi. The elaborated movements may be worth it.