Midpoint function


Not really sure where to put this but I was wondering if there is a midpoint function for openfunscripter or if one can be put in/coded.

I’m not code savy with the program but basically I like to script sometimes by setting all the bottom points for a scene and think it would be awesome if there was just a way to set all the bottom points and have the program calculate the “midpoints” between each point set them for me so I can just adjust those to be the top points.

I hope that make sense and thanks for any help!

dunno about OFS but JFS has a “dynamic injection” function that does basically that. You can even set an offset for up/downstroke preference and a target stroke speed.

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Yeah OFS has dynamic injection. You are looking for the Dynamic Top Injection. You place the bottom points as you go and the program adds in the top points inbetween.

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Sorry I was away for a bit, do you know how I access/use dynamic injection? I have the most up to date version of OFS 1.2.1 if that helps.
Google and the manual have not been forthcoming with the answer unfortunately for me.

Under Mode, change from default to dynamic injection. Choose top for the injection mode, choose your speed and then place only the bottom points of the script. The program will place top points in between the bottom points you place.

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Thank you so much, and omg that works way better than I thought it would!!!

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