Milovana integration and/or metronome control

Does anyone know of a way to integrate an OSR into Milovana teases with a metronome? That and/or a piece of software that can set the OSR to stroke at a specified metronome speed… perhaps something with multiple buttons to set specific speeds, maybe even a slider to increase/decrease the speed?

I love Milovana teases, but my new obsession with funscripts has occupied all of my time, and I haven’t done any teases lately. It would be awesome if there was a way to combine the OSR and teases.

I think I found part of an answer… Buttplug Playground. It let’s you stroke at a given pace, and allows for speed and stroke range variances. I’ve been messing with it, and it’s fun to be able to watch unscripted content, but still use the OSR. To round this out, it would be cool if it allowed all of the axes of the OSR - anyone have any guidance on how this might be possible?

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