Milovana invite

There are so many Cock Heros and other Vids and scripts around here from Milovana. I wanted to create an account there, but its impossible without an invite code.

I just dont know how to get one, but my hope is someone around here is able to get me one so i can create an account there, give my feedback and reviews to the creators of the aewesome cock heros and other vids there.

If someone can give me an invite code, just do it via private message, it would be much appreciated, and of course i will asure you, that you will stay anonymous if you want, so not thousands people ask you about antoher one.

Thank You beforehand.

There is an official thread at Reddit where you can ask for invite codes.

But I will send you one within the next minutes via PM here.

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thank you very much, yeah i stumbled over this reddit post, but its closed, you cant post any comments there anymore. So i dont know how to get a key there?

But anyways, really, thank you for the code.

just for the record, there’s a new invite code thread. I’ve just requested one there:

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