Min Command Delay speed problem

so ive noticed this weird bug with scriptplayer and the handy that for the first time connecting the handy to scriptplayer it seems to not move at maxium speed when there is an intense up and down script but the moment i decrease or increase the Min Command Delay only by a bit all of the sudden the handy moves really fast again even though i didn’t change the Min Command Delay settings. any solutions or maybe another recommended script player? (PS scriptplayer seems to like to crash with handy when i click to many buttons in the launcher which never had happened to me with the kiiroo)

The min command delay has nothing to do with the handy - the script gets pre-loaded to the device, the only thing you can change after that is the range.

then why does the handy first move extremely slow but the moment i put the min command delay from 50 to 49 back to 50 it just goes at rapid speed while the Kiiroo never had this problem

Are you connecting the handy via BT or WiFi?

Bluetooth into Intiface into Scriptplayer

Try WiFi instead

not possible for me since i use ethernet and scriptplayer is not supported for android

You completely lost me there …
I thought you were talking about the native handy implementation in scriptplayer - Can’t help you with whatever setup you seem to be running.

no yea i was talking about FredTungsten’s Scriptplayer since Handyfeeling Local Video Player takes incredibly long compared to Scriptplayer from Fred

@Mat To clarify, @Liquid is the developer of Scriptplayer so he should know what he talks about. If you describe your setup in detail then maybe someone can understand the issue.

Yeah well, that’s me … I’m talking about that too, but I mean the native, integrated “Connect to Handy directly” function that uses WiFi. I have no experience with Handy via BT or on Android.
I unfortunately don’t know what happens with the commands once the go into Intiface/Buttplug.

so basically first Intiface makes the server for scriptplayer to connect
then i just connect handy which i do with bluetooth
connected to Handy
then when a script goes up and down really fast like this handy seems to not go fast at all
script intense spike
but the moment i change min command delay to anything that is not 50 and then back to 50 handy just goes into overdrive and is able to go along with the intensiveness
mind command delay

Looks like an old version of ScriptPlayer - have you tried the latest beta?
(Downloading Beta Builds · FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer Wiki · GitHub)

your latest beta version did seem to fix the problem. thank you for your help

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