Mobile Funscript Player

Hi there,

we are a small team of developers and we were building a proof of concept of a mobile funscript player recently. We were wondering if there was a demand for such an app or if there is already a suitable alternative. The current fearures are:

  • Import of clips and corresponding funscript files
  • Connecting to Intiface Central
  • Playing the stored files with haptic output

There are a lot of features halfway developed and even more in planning, but first of all we wanted to reach out to you to ask for your opinion.

Thanks for every response and constructive criticism! :smile:


I think this is a hole in the marked. Only content I know works on a phone, is connected via web.

Will this be a payed or open-source option?

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Thanks so much for your reply :heavy_heart_exclamation: Your response also matches our impression, so we started to try out some concepts to make users independent from wifi streaming and to let them use clips and scripts stored on their mobile device :iphone: Currently our project is still in an early state and we have some way to go, so we are also thinking about how to drive it further while keeping it affordable :coin: As all of us also have to pay their rents, progress might also depend on how to fund this project, but we will keep you up to date :sunglasses: :blush:

I’m might be willing to pay a fair sum, as long as the app is not integrating any tracking/spam/advertising, or dodgy libraries…

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Sounds fair, as we are recognizing the fact, that no one wants to be tracked via such an app :sweat_smile: And I can also imagine that being interrupted by some candy crush ads would also be a mood killer… :laughing: So we will take this into consideration!

Hey, it’s me again :grin:

We managed to make some good progress this week and I’d like to share some screens with you so far… :sunglasses:

I hope you like it, let me know what you think about it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well done, fingers crossed :muscle:

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Let me know if you guys would like to join forces as we are moving into flat New: Flat App - SLR’s huge library and haptic tech on your smartphone

All kinds of partnership

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Consider adding VR integration? It would be great while SLR not support mobilephones now.

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Are you considering options like looping a video? Or maybe having a playlist? Those are the big two that I’m personally missing when using my phone.

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Those are great ideas! :star_struck: While we actually are in the progress to build a deployable beta, those might be very exciting features :blush: Thx for the suggestions!

No problem, I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.
Does it have picture-in-picture?

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@SweetOralie I’m really excited for this!
Please make an Dark Mode option and Playlist option! So the App doesn’t stress our eyes.
And so we can play Multiple Funscripts in a Row!

Hope u make it to Google Play!
I’d pay for the App when it’s done!

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Uuuh, nearly missed the dark mode :sweat_smile: Thx a lot for reminding us of this!!!

Btw, are you using multiple devices at the same time and want to link each device to another funscript? Just asking as we came up with this idea (really don’t know why :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but as this means some extra effort we’d like to let you give us your comments on this… :face_with_monocle:

I would love to use my “Handy Masturbator” and NOBRA Vibrators with your Mobile App that would be amazing!

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Hey there!

We made good progress! :star_struck: But we noticed, that we lack some testing capabilities… If you would be willing to download a time limited beta version and give us some simple feedback (we will mail you an form), just PM me :wink: We would be so thankful and you would be a great help to drive our app to success!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also tell me which kind of device you own and will be testing! :joystick: :smirk:

P.S.: I will try to answer quickly, but might take a day or two due to high workload… :sweat_smile:


Would there be any way to be able to play scripts and videos saved locally on a pc to the phone with this?

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Hey @Midevil, thx for your question :blush: Currently the way is to save the files locally to your phone and import them into our apps library from where you can select them for playing.

Another future option might be to link online vids to your library, but we are not sure yet whether this would make sense or not…

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Is this project still alive?

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Hey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Actually I thought it might die as there was a change in the dev team… But as you ask, I think there might be a renaissance for this project! Currently I just used it for personal use… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But as you ask and I see there is still demand for this project I am very positive that it will make some progress in the near future!!