Modded Sleeve You Might be Interested in for Handy

Was interested in getting a mouth feel sleeve for the handy so did a bit of google trawling and found this -

Decided to take a punt as it’s relatively inexpensive. So, I received it and just tried to strap it onto the handy form the off. Not happening. It’s too heavy and the handy was struggling on the up strokes. Sooo
decided to try and mod it so it would work.

As the weight was an issue, the vagina end had to go although I did have a shot of it and it was pleasant. Lopped that off. The second issue was due to the width of the thing it was rubbing against the handy and causing motion issues there so I went about trimming down the outside of it which also helped with the weight issue.

Here are some pics of what I’ve ended up with. It’s a bit Frankenstein and a touch reminiscent of Kryton from Red Dwarve but…(apologies for the dust on it. Dropped it before I took the pics)

In terms of the feel what I will say is that I haven’t used another sleeve since I modded this. Ok, you are never going to get a super authentic blowjob feel outside the real thing but this does a very respectable job. The tongue is very fleshy feeling and where it meets the main body of the sleeve feels great sliding over the head. You do also get a little bit of ball stimulation from the tongue on the long strokes. Just a tickle but pleasant.

I’m not sure what the 5.9 inches refers to because in it’s whole form it’s way longer than that. With hindsight, I could probably have left a little extra length on it. From the mouth entrance to the back is about 4.5 inches so in quickshot territory I guess. The material very grippy on the outside of the sleeve and I’ve only had one disaster but I was messing around with it whilst in motion so my own fault. Obviously it’s open ended so there are clean up issues but I’m fine with that.

I attach the sleeve to the handy first whereas I used to put the handy sleeve on me first then strap. Trying to strap on after you insert is a disaster haha.

I’m using fleshlube for this. It’s quite liquid so potential mess hazard but it glides much better than others I’ve used.