Montage Scripts

What does everyone think about Montage scripts? If we were to do a montage for Naughty America, which would be the type of positions/experiences?

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What is it montage scripts ?

Montages + music are great and there aren’t very many in vr at all at the moment. Doesn’t need to be a full on cock hero, just splicing together three or four scenes that all use the same positions would be cool, cutting back and forth every few mins.

There are a few unofficial vr cockheroes floating around online at the moment but they’re potato quality and don’t support the performers.

3-4 decently edited high resolution music based compilations per month would probs be enough to make me pay £27 for premium once every 2-3 months ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not even with music. Just thinking in the context of a VR Video montage of your favorite position, non-stop all connected to one script.

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As long as the scene does not change too fast they are good. I can’t stand quick cuts where the scene changes every 5 seconds or so. I also don’t care for split or multi screen videos in excess. They usually don’t stay on screen long enough for me to decide which one I want to focus on.

I get that it’s probably a lot more work finding music you have the rights to use that also sounds somewhat good but personally I find complications without any music to be a bit jarring. SLR has a few compilations and I was really excited when I first found them then incredibly disappointed when I realised there was no soundtrack

I’m not the target audience I suppose

Good point. Thats the magic of a sexual experience and the variety

OK, scripts on “PMV” compilations.
When it is based on the action of the video, it goes.