Monthly script themes

I was thinking about a way to make this fourm a little more interactive with the users here. So I thought of mothly script themes. Basically each month the site owners will pick a theme of script either latina, ebony, cgi, pmv, blowjobs etc and make it as the script theme for the month. Does this mean that you cant post something other than what is marked as the theme of the month, No. Its just the optional theme for the month. I guess as a way to entice people to stick with themes could be by accelerating their membership status progressions with each scipt post that falls inline with the theme Or creating a wall of fame kind of post highlighting the scripts that stuck with the theme that month.

What do you guys think, what could be added and is this even feasible or even a good idea?


I like this idea.
I would also be down for a friendly script competition. One video is chosen, script with the most likes wins :+1:


Great idea

Themes sound fun I would participate

i think it’s a cool idea. That said, I don’t have the bandwidth to organize this, especially if it’s recurring. Unsure if the other mods do either.

If any people in the community want to step up and organize, we can make it official