More direct remote control

Does anyone know a website with just one slider to control the position of the Handy directly? Is that possible with the current Handy software or is it mandatory to use the speed and stroke length slider combined?

I haven’t found a solution yet. Sorry if it was already explained in another post.

I didn’t use direct control with the handy but i think if i had i’ll use this

The new firmware and API has support for it via “HDSP” (Handy Direct Streaming Protocol), but it requires individual HTTP requests per movement, so isn’t really practical. SweetTech have said that they’re working on a WebSocket-based approach which will allow the kind of thing you’re talking about - although there will probably be a few hundred milliseconds of latency.

You can do what you’re asking for with the new Bluetooth connection feature in Handy API v3, but I’m not aware of any apps or sites that have implemented it yet (although my understanding is that supports it)

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