More like script axis?

So I love script axis except there isn’t much I’m interested in. Are there other ways of searching for scripts and vids by intensity/heatmap/avg speed etc.?

I’m looking for slow HJ and/or BJ where you can see the performers tits.
Most of the ones on script axis are covered up or are way too fast.

In Script Axis you can sort by fastest/slowest. That’s the only way I know of.

90% of my scripts are slow. Not sure about the tits, you’ll have to take a look.

Four scripts you might like :+1:

Thanks but most of these aren’t topless. Or if they are it’s worth a fake dick. I wonder why there aren’t many out there.

There are more than 700 blowjob scripts available. Its going to be complicated if you want “tits” + “slow”.

But here some suggestions:

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