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More Topic Tags

As this site gets bigger, more genres of media get stepped/charted/mapped/scripted, and our tag systems needs to keep up with this as well. Thus I propose some more tags to be added:
(well currently I have trust level 3 but I want a consensus on what tags should be added)

Keep in mind that these tags won’t be in this list until it has been added to a post (and I’m not about to add 16 unrelated tags to this topic).


  • masturbation - Stimulation of one’s own genitals. We HAVE videos featuring this, but the tag is missing.
  • gangbang - Multiple people having sex with one person.


  • joc - Jerk off Challenge. A compellation of porn while a beat bar or metronome (or penis) is used to designate when to stroke. Different from a cock-hero because there is no music. Not needed, #joi or #audio-based could be used instead(?)


  • youtube, bitchute, porntrex, liveleak, camvideos, etc - Streaming link tags. We have #pornhub, so might as well go all the way. (might be very cluttered)
    Grouping all of this into #stream-link is going to require a bunch of edits to posts and I really don’t want to do that.

  • fanita, fanbox, subscribestar, onlyfans, ci-en, etc - Creator subscription tags. We have #patreon , so might as well go all the way.

  • direct-dl - Media has a direct download link. Severely missing as we have hundreds of posts with DDLs. Added #direct-dl, however the template needs to have it saying it should be used when direct links like mega and GDrive have been added or else it’s just a tag that needs to be deleted

  • sfw - Video contains no sexualy explicit or violently graphic content.

  • paid-video - Video is primarily supposed to be paid for, or cannot be acquired without buying it.

  • audio-only - Media is focused on the audio, and contains nearly no visual elements. Tag has been added with the name of #audio-based


  • cheating - Content contains a guy stealing a girl (or girl stealing a guy)
  • incest - Sexual activity with direct family. Often frown upon. Only seen in drawn sources as incest has been outlawed in many countries.
  • loli - Drawn, underage girls used in a sexual form
  • shota - Drawn, underage boys used in a sexual form
  • violence - Contains gore or non-sexual harm

Tag Deletions

  • bunnywalker - Studio tag, not used, should be removed. It still in the tag list when you add a tag.
  • velcro - Only used for 1 guide (a nice guide but still).

Reply if you think these proposed edits are good enough or if I should revise on this.

Edit: not a free script, oops.
And I just realized that there is a 6 tag limit. I understand that you don’t want posts with 30 tags but could 12 tags be good? (the meta tags take up 2 or 3 of the 6 slots you have)
And I just realized that this is literally just a big note to self on what terms to use when new tags are added.

The template should be also edited to have notes of the new tags (ie: Add #direct-dl when GDrive or MEGA links are used), just so that these tags are used. I don’t want to be the only person who is adding this tag to their posts.

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hey, I’ve been out so just getting to this.

I agree with your tag deletions.

For your Meta tags, I don’t quite agree. I think it makes sense to have something like #direct-dl and #paid-video (looks like #paid-media already exists ). I think having 1 tag per video site is way too specific and doesn’t add any value, and so #pornhub should also be removed. I also feel that #paid-video/#paid-media should already encompass sites like onlyfans, and so #patreon should be removed as well.