Mounting a particular sleeve

I know these are not highly rated, but I do like them from time to time. Was wondering if anyone had any input on getting this to work with a Handy? I’m willing to sort out a 3D print if necessary.

well i got some of these and it works perfectly fine with it

What was your method?
I’ve used straps but I find it makes thing too tight.

i use it without any attachments, only insert it in the ring of the handy, and then lets go,works fine

You should be able to mount just about anything besides hips and dolls to Handy if you fiddle enough.
I don’t know what sleeve that is specifically, but Mouth of Truth onaholes have teeth which can be painful to use hands free. Of course you can remove those teeth, but you wouldn’t be able to put them back in…

I have one particular sleeve similar to that Slow that the handy strap had trouble keeping in place. My solution was I got a piece of plastic pipe (anything will do as long as right internal diameter for the sleeve) and siliconed it to the sleeve. That way, the handy strap has something to actually tighten against yet doesn’t ‘squash’ the sleeve. Crude but effective.


I have one of these and I have an SR6. I’ve modified two of these and I have a third one that I have not unboxed yet. It’s pretty cool. I actually used a hot knife and did surgery to it to get it to fit. I also used a soldering iron to melt and cut through the material, but I think the knife works better. Use a butane blowtorch to heat up a sharp knife and then it cuts through the material like butter. Take it easy and don’t go too hot or it will ignite it. Ask me how I know.

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Might want to add that TPE fumes are extremely toxic if soldering/melting. To cut TPE you’re actually better with sharp scissors unless you need to remould it.

At least I had the windows open and a fan going. Doh! :man_facepalming:

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Hahaha…I’m glad!

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