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Movie editor tool that apply effects to a movie by following funscript

I created a movie editor tool that allows you to apply effects to a movie by following a funscript.
Automatically add script-synchronized movie effects in a few simple steps.

Please refer to the readme for usage.

(This is an editor tool, not a player.)

== Requirements ==

Windows10 x64

my old software
Tool for automatically generate funscript from movie

Tool for automatically generate funscript from sound

FunscriptGenerator source code


Would you be so kind to release the source for the FunscriptGenerators? I’m on OS X and can not use windows software, would like to port it to OS X.

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Welcome! Glad to have you posting. Looking forward to your contributions!

I can publish the source, but I think it’s very hard to read because it’s a program created as an extension of the sample code.

That’s OK - It’s my day job to figure out other people’s code, and I want to understand the algorithm so I can put it into a player I’m building.

I have uploaded it.
Check the head of the thread

What is the idea here? Is it to add effects to a movie at changes in the funscript?

Thanks for doing this!

It is a tool for people who have a combination of video and script at hand to add simple effects (vibration, etc.) according to the script in about 10 minutes.

For Funscript Generator2, is there a type of image that the scripter prefers? What I mean is, I have used motion tracking on some video scenes to produce a moving dot on a black background and had worse results than I would have expected :slight_smile: