Moving from Kiiroo Keon to the Handy, help please

I just got the Handy. The Keon and Launch both were straightforward bluetooth and worked very easily with Scriptplayer and VAM’s plugins.

And while I agree 100% the Handy is FAR superior to either of the above in terms of speed control and build, I really hate the fact I have to have an iOS app installed to work with it, and I hate I have to “upload” scripts to some server.

I am sorry, but I want to maintain a walled off, private experience.

Can anyone explain to me how exactly the Handy works with respect to funscripts? Why can’t I control the speed in Scriptplayer? Why does it need to upload a funscript file to some server before working?

Any information is appreciated!

I use the handy mainly on the computer so its been very easy. If you are too you want to have the handy in wifi mode rather than bluetooth if possible. You only need to use the app once to connect the handy to wifi. Then the handy should automatically connect without the app. Once you figure out wifi you got to get the connection code and put that in something like FapTap or script player. FapTap you don’t need to download the funscript. For scriptplayer you need to have the script and video downloaded and with the same file name. That is basically it.

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Aside from the smartphone app you can also set up the device via their website:

Unlike the Launch, Handy caches the entire funscript to the chip and then plays it. Commands are sent from their server to control the playback on the device. You can’t manipulate stroke speed in ScriptPlayer because the script content is already fixed.

You can host scripts locally if you experiences long buffer time:

To use Bluetooth on the Handy press and hold down the “-” button until the blue LED light flashes up. Bridge connection with like how you always did. This gives you a similar experience to the Launch, but may not yield the smoothest experience when running complex scripts. Works with VaMLaunch.

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