Moving interaction to the whole new level

Just had an insightful call with Lovense team early today.

We are definitely looking to move interaction on SLR to the whole new level. There’re quite a few things in works now, but introducing new concepts is the biggest deal.

We are turning SLR into a multiuser spatial experience. Basically metaverse where people can connect with each other as deep as it gets. You should be able to connect with others sex toys, both males and females in a big number either watching the same video at exactly same time or totally on your own.

We expect live cam performers to manage sex toys as well as you fucking a sex toy that would pass it to her vibrator as well as live cam performers managing multiple sex toys at a time.

How do you like it?
Anyone tried 3DXChat sex toys integration?


If they managed to get some decently high level performers and not these trailer park cam girls. I’d gladly pay a premium to have a girl in real time manipulate “the Handy” while I’m attached it to it