Muffle Sound of Onyx+

Love my kiiroo toys but they can certainly be a bit noisy. Anyone know of good ways to muffle the sound of the Onyx+ maybe semi-permanently even? Thanks!

Use noise-canceling headphones/in-ears that seal well and/or throw a blanket over it?

I guess should clarify I’m aiming for privacy so noise canceling headphones only help me hear the thing less.

A thick blanket can help but only so much. Was wondering if anybody had found a better solution?

Play music?

I am not familiar with the mechanics of the kiiroo devices, but perhaps opening it up and lubricating the moving parts/gears might cut down the noise?

So from a fellow Onyx+ user’s perspective using blankets and pillows is pretty much your only option. Taking it apart to lube the mechanical parts isnt really an option cuz you probably won’t be getting it back together. What ive found through trial and error is PILLOWS. The thicker the better. What ill do is sitnon the edge of my couch and stack pillows on the floor between my legs onebonbtip of the other till its about level with my crotch. place the Onyx on top then stack another 2 or 3 pillows on top of the onyx and then situated myself accordingly then ill lay some heavy blankets down over my legs and everything to kind of keep it all anchored. Thats pretty much the quietest ive been able to make it. Major downside to this is heat. But muffleing the noise is the only way to make it quieter. If you have your own area to use you might want look into soundproofing your acrual room instead. Gonna be alot better for your machine lol

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