Multi-axis device help

hey all

ive been privatley scripting for a while now getting more confident and decided to venture into multi-axis scripting as it seems to tick the box on the content im after. I was looking at an osr2 initially but want to make sure i make the right choice for the content i want to create.

i wasnt sure whether sr6 or a tempest would do the same thing? essentially i was looking for something that could simulate grinding…or at least come close to it. i also wasnt sure whether sr6 was newer then an osr2?

sure these may of been answered but couldnt find nything specific on first glance.

i’m pretty sure the osr2 can simulate grinding, but the sr6 can do it much better, the load is also split between 6 servos compared to the osr2 which only has 3 servos.
The Sr6 is basically an upgraded version of the osr2 with more axis to mess with and much wider movements.

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