Multi-axis script creators roll call

We are close to releasing multi-axis TCode as both OSR2/SR6 are already working with the SLR app and DeoVR single-axis scripts.

Submit your scripts and get paid every time it’s being used streaming or downloaded :fire::star_struck:

Also enjoy all the community feedback.

Message @Kieshi at now!

With upcoming updates you will be able to:

  • enjoy range sliders for all axis in a script.
  • upload your personal scripts for any SLR video and enjoy it sreaming.
  • share your scripts with community without business entity and get rewarded with SLR points accepted for all SLR services.
  • multiscript will allow you switching between scripts like with sub-titles.
  • control my sex toy peer to peer and live cam girl feature in single and multi-user session
  • manufacturing SLR two-axis stroke and twist sex toy (previews are coming soon)