Multi-axis scripts & robots

This is an issue that hasn’t been brought up before, although it has been on my mind from time to time - the safety of sex robots.
Theoretically, like any robot, there should be a special lockable “stop button” which, when pressed, stops everything.

And mechanically there shouldn’t be any parts that can cause damage. I have thought about it in the context of my prototype and decided to add a button on top and make the sleeve cup mounts on magnets, , like on the delta 3D printers.

Though posts in the topic and turned into incomprehensible in what, but I want to update, recently there are Chinese - who presented inexpensive OSR2+/SR6, as well as I see that many writers began to actively publish multi-axis content. For my part, I started to approach writing multi-axis scripts more responsibly and made the process more convenient with the help of HTC Vive Controller.
What do you think? Are multi-axis scripts dead?

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I agree that multi-axis scrips aren’t dead, I do however think that the due to how they work it is very hard to get a multi-axis script that just chef’s kiss works compared to an single axis script. Which a result if you find one that is just perfect for the video…you end up with getting “Flowers for Algernon’d” as (and bare with me) SAO Abridged put it.

Incase you don't know but want to now know

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For me the multi-axis script that has done this is @FootFanatic514 's small collection of scripts like NoodleDude - Ultimate TikTok PMV 2 and I did ask them in that same topic thread about how they got their scripts to be how they are to which they responded to with saying that:

Among other things. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s other multi-axis scripts that do shine and I don’t know about especially as I haven’t touched any VR side ones. But I hope this clearly shows my point of multi-axis has a much higher requirement to be great and thus more time and effort requirement for that.

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