Multi-axis scripts & robots

It’s been half a year since I tried to write multi-axis scripts. The more time passes, the more I have doubts that no one needs it - the only feedback I get is a request to increase rotation angles. Either I’m making shit, or simply no one else makes multi-axis scripts and SR6 owners guys just don’t have anything to compare it to.
Of course - it’s a complaint. But I want to get some feedback and know if it’s worth continuing - or put it aside and start making my own robot in the free time.

I’m also curious about this. I don’t have a device that’s capable of MA but do we have any kind of estimate of how many users on the forum have the wherewithal to run multi axis scripts? Is there a poll someplace?

And we’re about to launch a poll.
Basically - everything has been done before us:

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I think it’s a minority to be fair considering the price for the OSR2+ is quite high unless you build it yourself (SR6 even more expensive) so the majority here use single axis devices. But overtime I am pretty sure the amount of users will increase.

SLR are launching a dual axis toy by the end of this year.
I think the second axis is Z rotation.
Given the surveys above and the 1% rule, you would think that around 10,000 devices (OSR2/2+, SR-6) are already in use in one way or another. At least the feedback on these devices is positive.

Those polls are interesting, do we have any way of seeing approx how many active users are on the site?

That’s a huge drop in response from Realcumber’s post to MadScripts post but interesting that it shows approximately the same breakdown of 60% Handy users.

Did they hint on the price of that device? I think that will be the biggest defining factor whether it will change anything to be fair

Well, I don’t think they’re fools in marketing and they know the price of The Handy. We’ve all known for a long time that the device is not sold at cost but at the price they are willing to pay for it - I wouldn’t be surprised if SLR give it away for free on a lifetime/yearly subscription.

i cant speak for anyone but myself, but i just recently purchased a sr6, but i have to wait for one last part to actually test it, so i cant give any feedback to scripts or something yet… but as others commented, i think it will slowly increase over time, and i also think alot of people dont even know that osr and sr6 exist, let alone interactive devices like thehandy with funscripts etc.
the FL launch maybe helped with discoverability since it is such a big brand, but yeah, i think its still pretty unknown in general to begin with

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Like pretty much everyone else has said, there’s a definite barrier to entry with multi-axis devices. It may very well be that your production of scripts leads to more adoption. We need to be more vocal in supporting you.

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I’m a bit of a tinkerer and threw together an OSR2, upgraded to an OSR2+ then to the SR6.
It helps that you can reuse most of any non 3d printed parts in the next revision, admittedly having umm and ahh on the cost parts going from OSR2+ to SR6.

looking over your profile though you seem to have a strong focus on VR, this could be a compounding factor too. even owning a VR headset I use it infrequently.

If you cross the low number of multiaxis device users, then consider how many use VR you might be coming pretty low percentage wise for the target audience, add the fact that there aren’t that many multiaxis releases, maybe no one quite feels like they’re enough of a connoisseur to provide meaningful advise.

I do think its awesome when someone does release some multiaxis scripts, so a shout out to yourself and anyone that does.

You could always take a break anyway, build your robot then decide what you want to do later.

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I agree with meu here. I built myself an osr2, then an sr6. Setting up the Sr6 for use is no hassle, though, using it with an VR headset is definitely one.


I don’t know - I always thought it was the “presence effect” that was most important when watching adult films. And I honestly don’t understand why watching a flat video and using a sex robot, although I could be wrong. To stop writing scripts to check the need is an interesting idea, plus time is very short. Anyway thanks for your opinion.

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What exactly is the problem for you? What is missing for using “stationary robots” (OSR-2/SR-6) with VR?

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The problem is that its simply not worth it to set up my vr headset and the Sr6 for one video.
And i dont have my SR6 all the time on my desk, when i am not using it it goes back to the cabinet
By the time i got my quest 1 hooked up to the pc and have set everything up i could already be enjoying 10 minutes of a 2d video :smiley:


So it’s not a VR video problem - it’s a headset problem? Have you tried something simpler, like a smartphone with glasses. Just curious and I’ve certainly never liked the cord and PC tethering of headsets.

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Idk if it’s worth much but I’m a huge fan of your multi axis scripts. Like others have mentioned taking the time to set up my headset and device can be a bit time consuming so it’s much easier to use 2D scripts vs VR but I will say the extra time I spend is usually well worth it in my opinion. I think the VR fanbase is much smaller which is why your content isn’t getting as much feedback. I would suggest making content for non-VR users and see if it makes a difference in the feedback you receive. Either way I’ve enjoyed every multi script you’ve made thus far. Personal request more Asian and ebony scripts.


I’m just embarrassed by this kind of feedback :wink:
In the half year that I’ve been writing multi-axis scripts, I’ve doubled the complexity of the writing (and the time for each one by half) precisely because I want to provide more presence effect, and I started noticing that I don’t have time to make each of my mono scripts multi-axis.
There are so many cool and different girls that when I start to choose what to make - my eyes are scattered. That’s why lately I’ve been prioritizing voting from patrons and some unique scripts, like doubles.


No its not you are right. And no i have not tried the phone headsets, but i imagine it being also kind of a hassle. I guess i just dont like the fact of having a clunky headset on my head lol.I still enjoy multi axis scripts tho and i also watched vr videos converted to 2D so there is that ^^

To be fair here is my pov:
I have tried the phone headset and it is not my kind of thing, it is nothing in comparison to a real vr (quest 2 in my case)
I only use my vr with the handy as it is 1 axis - I do not have enough trust in the osr2+ (what I built rn, maybe i will upgrade to sr6 in the future) since it has too many axis, I do not want to risk my junk being squashed by it (35kg servos) just in case it slips out.

I use my osr2+ only with 2d videos since I can constantly control the max and minimum movement with multifunplatlyer and make sure everything is right, and use my handy with VR.

In the end for myself: osr2+ for 2d, the handy for VR - setting up the VR as well as osr2 would tbf take too long + there is my personal junk safety in mind when it comes to it. Handy has a failsafe if it feels to much resistance, the osr2 does not.

Thats my pov on the topic

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