MultiFunPlayer setup

I´m trying to get MultiFunPlayer up and running, but I can´t connect to any video players (only tried Plex and VLC so far though). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I managed to get it running with VLC atleast!

Would still appreciate some pointers on how to set it up with Plex though since there is where my collection lives.

I´m guessing I have to make some chages on the Plex server to be able to connect?

You need to input your PlexToken and set the endpoint to server ip/port. Then you will be able to scan for supported clients. The old Plex Media Player will not show in the client list.
Once you select a client you will be able to connect.

I have done those steps, but no client shows up and it still says disconnected.

What client do I need to use if not the standard windows app?

I know that Plex for Windows from windows store works, I think Plex HTPC also should work. For mobile iOS app works, Android app should work too.

You can also check MultiFunPlayer logs to see if the client search fails for a specific reason.

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I didn´t get it to work with the Plex for Window app from Microsoft Store, but I did get it to work with the HTPC and iOS versions, thank you kindly for the help!

Is it preferable to have the scripts locally, or is it ok to have them on a network drive?

Sorry it was the other way around, the old Plex Media Player works, while the new Plex for Windows doesnt.

Does not matter, MFP just has to be able to access them.

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