MultiFunPlayer v1.29.4 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR script streaming

Got vlc figured out no problems. Now my issue is the sleeve case keeps unclipping and falling out. Any tips there?

Fleshlight case dimensions vary a lot, somethings its too loose, sometimes its too tight. Either reprint the receiver or maybe add tape to the case, dunno.

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Having a problem with mfp recognizing certain file names to match with the script. I’m using deovr on quest 3 and streaming videos from my pc with dlna using kodi. It was working with an older version using a port filter with url to local but then just stopped working. I’m not on the latest build and I’ve figured out the problem. Either Kodi or Deovr is not able to recognize special characters or spaces in a file name and is replacing them with"%20" so when MFP reads the file name from Deovr it doesn’t match the script name. Any ideas of how to fix this besides renaming all my files to remove all spaces and special characters?

That has been removed in one if the versions.

Try playing the problematic video in the latest version. If it still doesnt work enable Trace log level by going into application settings at the top of the window, then try playing it again and post/DM the latest log file in the Logs folder.

In general using DLNA servers will be difficult to match scripts since they almost always dont include the actual file name in the DLNA url.

Yes exactly, but I’ve figured out exactly what it’s changing in the file names. It only changes the file name if there is a space or any of these special characters “][<>!@&'” but underscores _ and dashes - are acceptable. Maybe there’s a way I can do a find and replace on all these special characters and spaces in file names and replace them with an underscore _?

Its probably double escaped, try adding path modifier with find: %25, replace: %.
If that does not work I need logs.