MultiFunscript with oscillating toy like Lovense Solace

I use MultiFunscript with Lovense Solace, but it doesn’t sync the movement, it just pumps like its life depends on it. Synchronize with the funscript so much that the speed of the movement changes, but it continues to pump even after the video stops, for example.

Is there any solution for this?

Auto-home enabled. I tried auto-home inside scripts, same result. It is moveing like a jackhammer, and only stops when I turn it off or disconnect the

From what I heard, Solace does not have positional data or something. So the Solace does not work for funscripts. You are better off downloading their Browser Vibemate and using their AI Sync in videos.
I bough the solace too and regret it lol

I hope the problem can be fixed by software. You can adjust its speed, and you can adjust how far it moves, so it can position itself on some level. Based on these, the problem does not seem insoluble to me.

Oh, also don’t map to L0 because its default value is 50%. Go to device tab at the top of the window and enable V0 and remap solace to V0 or change L0 default value to 0%.

It was also a bug in intiface that it did not stop even when at 0%, discord messages say it was fixed in latest intiface release but I cant confirm.

Yes I think you can only change the oscillation speed, should still be semi usable with funscripts imo.

Thanks, the situation is a bit better now, at least I can stop it. However, as I can see, there won’t be a solution to make it work properly any time soon. Because it only sets the speed instead of the position, which makes the whole thing useless.

I hope the problem will be solved soon somehow. Although I’m afraid it won’t be easy. Let’s say if there is direction and speed, it is not so difficult to calculate a situation from there.