Multiple scripts for the same video without duplicating files: Symlinks

In several topics I read about people duplicating video files to support multiple versions of the same script. The obvious downside here is the additional disk space used.

I wanted to share a better way which is just as fast, by making symlinks (a reference to a file that behaves as a copy of said file). You can create them from a terminal window, but to make it easy there is the following program:

Windows Option
Note: Only works on NTFS filesystems.

Link Shell Extension

After installing you can rightclick + dragdrop a file and it creates a symlink of the file.

You can rename the symlink to your alternative script, with the end result being as follows: Note the Symlink takes up no space. All video players will treat the .symlink as if it is the linked MP4 file.

MAC OS option:



ln -s file.mp4 file.easy.mp4


Smart, I’d like to add this also Works on Linux and OSX.

IIRC symlinks work on most filesystems except FAT/FAT32/exFAT etc…

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Thanks for bringing this ability to have symlinks on windows to my attention! I don’t know why I never thought of looking for something like this it’s always been something that bugged my with NTFS. Will be very helpful for scripts and equally helpful for my day to day life!

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