Music Suggestions for Natasha Nice pmvs

Hi there,

1st Off please excuse my english i’m a great speaker, terrible writting, i’v been lurking for a while now and Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you do.

So to hopefully give something back i wanna make a bunch of N.N. Pmvs, to the topic at Hand. I have about 84 different Videos of N.N. and i wanna make whole bunch of N.N.pmv’s.

Sadly i got No clue which songs to use, it would be great If you guys would suggest Songs.
Just give me a Song and the prefered Type of pmv you’d like to see for example:
Linkin Park Numb for a Blowjob Pmv, Stripping Pmv, Cowgirl Pmv or give me other pmvs i can watch If you don’t know how to classify it.

Many thanks in advance

Can’t wait to get started.

Look Out for Handygooner on Spankbang.

Dua lipa. I love her lol


pussycat dolls
amerie - 1 thing
christina milian - Dip It Low

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I think bass/electronic music works really well in PMVs, like a lot of what Noodledude and Clubberlang69 make.

Here With Me - PEEKABOO
ili - TroyBoi
Vibin - Habstrakt
Fly Kicks - AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo (Wax Motif Remix)

These would all work well with specifically anal PMVs :grin:

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I thought someone creative could do a “Fuck the Pain Away” (by Peaches) PMV.

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