Muting Tags to mute new topic with said tags

I’ve recently been messing around with notifications and trying to have new topics in the catagory free scripts appear unless they have certain tags however this doesn’t work and it seems that the catagory preference settings overide the tag ones.

aka: show first post for the catagory, Free Scripts, mute tags like MILF, Solo Male, MMD. Currently only does the cataogry and doesn’t mute tags in the catagory.

Would it be possible to have an extra option where you can cdddddddhoose your tag preferences to take effect in catagories? or for new topics to have a temporary tag applied to them? (I believe these are the only ways to get it to work as I was expecting it to initally)

I hope I haven’t missed this setting if it already exists though if it does already then…facepalm



The muted tags ceratinly don’t appear in my #scripts:free-scripts, I just muted VR tag and all scripts with that tag dissapeared.

Make sure to save changes.


Do you have free scripts under catagories set to watching first post though? As if so I have the exact same as yourself and yet it doesn’t work.

I only have Script Requests muted as you, the rest is blank.

Yeah so I believe by having free scripts on the catagory first posts, it’s ignoring the muted tags. So if you were to put free scripts on your first posts as me then I would expect the same thing to happen to your notifications where it would show topics that you are muting.

I think this happens as catagories’s filter takes priority in the notifications over tags’s filter and since the website runs through both filters at the same time and not sequentially is my guess as then I still wouldn’t end up seeing what I’m seeing in my notifications of topics with tags I’m muting.

Wow, thanks for that.