My Favorite Kiiroo Keon Sleeves & Accessories

Favorite Kiiroo Sleeves:

  1. Rae Lil Black - best by far - the flat form makes it, so the skin will stay intact (longevity) but the slight edges give it a nice grid.
  2. Molly Stewart - the lips are something special, they grab your dick at the bottom and the inside is also well done. Just slightly too tight for me.
  3. Lauren Phillips - nice feeling, but the entrance is slightly angled. So that angle will wear down after a while and because of this starts feeling less nice. Still a great Sleeve though that i can recommend.
  4. Natalia Starr - good for very thick dicks. However, I noticed even though the inside is fairly flat it does wear down a lot, way more than the Rae Lil Black one. ( I think its because of the nobs. )
  5. Kenzie Taylor - basically just too tight for my dick, which makes cumming a pain.
  6. Standard Version - the nobs will wear down a lot after a while, and they also don’t feel as nice as other forms.

So overall, I would recommend the Rae Lil Black one if your Dick is fairly thick. If your dick is average size, I would recommend the Molly Stewart one. The flatter ones tend to be better because the skin doesn’t wear down. I have to say though, the more detailed forms usually feel really nice at the beginning, but it’s not worth the wear down imo. The Rae Lil Black one was the first one I bought besides the Standard version and I still use it to this day, and it’s in perfect condition, while others that I used way less are already unusable, because the skin is all rubbed up. I could still use them, but I would have to use a lot of lube to make up for that, and they also just feel less nice.

Another thing I can recommend is the Neck Strap. Basically tie it onto a pillow, and you can use your Keon Hands-free when lying down in the bed. It’s basically a better and cheaper version of the Pillow they offer, if you just use your own pillow. However, I cannot recommend this if you do actually wanna use it as a Neck Strap. In seating or standing position, it is not stable and won’t feel comfortable.

And my favorite Lube that I always use is the Satisfyer Gentle Warming. It’s perfect because it is essentially a gentle warming as the name suggests, but if your dick is dry, and you put it on it will last an entire session. It’s also fairly cheap, I got it for 7-8 € per 150ml. For some reason, they market it as a female lube. I also tested quite a few others, for example the fleshlube fire, but that had some weird chemical reaction to create heat which was unpleasant and way too hot for me. Just Glide Anal is also a good lube, it glides well, however it is pretty cold which is why I prefer the Satisfyer one. I also tried quite a few other Lubes, but they’re often way too fluid and make a mess ( for example JO h2o ).

The next Accessory i can recommend is the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. It works for both Fleshlight and Keon Sleeves. It basically warms up your Sleeve, which makes it feel good instantly and is especially useful in cold winters. I use it every time though. Put a bit of lube in the Sleeve and put it on the Dildo-looking thing. It’ll warm in a few mins. You just need to make sure to never use water to clean it because it’s not waterproof. Just wipe it off with kitchen paper after you’re done.

Next up is regular 100% Cornstarch from the supermarket. It’s basically what’s inside those fancy so-called “refreshing powders” or “toy cleaners”, so don’t let them scam you. After cleaning your Sleeve with water and drying it up carefully with a towel, put cornstarch in it. It will make sure that on your next use it will not only glide better, but it will also increase the longevity of your sleeves by a lot, so always use it. What I did is to buy a powder shaker and put the cornstarch in it for use. I’ve also read that you can use a plastic box, put it full of cornstarch and just drag your sleeve through it.

Feel free to comment your own favorite Accessories and Sleeves. I am also interested in what your favorite Fleshlight Sleeves are, because I might try one with the Keon.


I do enjoy using the fleshlight turbo series on the Keon. Something about that repetitive and unrelenting suction during some of the more intense scripts really does it for me.


Good tip. :+1: i bought it and tested it today and it feels really nice. It is very close to a real blowjob-feeling. I’d still prefer the Rae Lil Black one for regular usage but when watching blowjob porn that will be my new go to. Or if i just want that squishy feeling.

Also using the turbo-sleeves most of the time these days. it´s just loose, soft and variant enough that you feel even small movements. My favorite right now is the turbo core, the blue one with those knobs. Feels not realistic at all, but with the right scripts it´s really intense. Upside is, that the design seems to be a big turn-off for many, so you get it constantly at a cheaper price than most girl-sleeves, at least here…

I tested the Ethereal ( Eliza Ibarra ) Fleshlight Sleeve today and holy moly, this is my new favorite. It creates a sucktion with the lips which feels super nice. It seems like the Fleshlight Sleeves are superior to Kiiroo Sleeves. Ill definetly have an eye open for upcoming Fleshlight devices.

Their new Boost line looks promising

I have 7 of them my favourites are Skyler Lo and Nicolette Shea. When is this boost line coming out must buy. Have you got a link?

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It is out now, just go to Fleshlight’s website

im thinking about getting on of these new FL’s it looks so good, and comparing it to my DIY suction cap, I reckon their’s will be similair ( strong succ oofffff )

Thank you bought :smile:

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