My funscript video setup, nodejs webapp on my local network

So i have made my own funscript video watching website on my local network. it works with intiface only as i dont own a handy.
it is fast , realible, and obviously has no ads. if i download a new video and funscript from eroscripts all i have to do is to hit the refresh button and it will be added to the list of videos there.

It is a single page webapp, so i won’t lose connection to Intiface when switching videos.

The name of the video file does not need to match the funscript file, but they have to be in the same folder. i personally just keep these videos videos/01/… videos/02 and so on.

There is a tick button just under the search bar , clicking onto that brings up a hidden section of videos with unfinished scripts.
I just put an empty notfinished.txt file in the video’s folder and it will put the video there by default.

My collection of videos is well under 200 , i dont think it would be brilliant for thousands in its current state as i did not yet implement any pagination , and i only use a json file to store data instead of a real database. And it also only support .mp4 videos.

Thanks everyone who have made scripts for us, ur a legend.

Also thans qdot for creating Intiface/Buttplug…


Did you mean to share the code?


dunno mate im just a hobbiest not like a big dev, ud laugh at my code probably :smiley:

Actually would be cool to see! Others might like to use it as well! Looking at this it might be great for us Android users. It would be awesome if I could just host something on my server and connect and use it on my phone! Others might add handy integration as well.

It’s worth sharing the code for sure! I’m a huge believer in open-sourcing unless you have a good reason not to. The best case scenario is someone comes and laughs at your code in such a way that you learn something :wink:

Plus if it’s open source (plus if you spend 5 minutes writing some super basic instructions) other people can fork the repo and run it themselves :smiley:

“local network”, does that mean your script will still work if the internet goes out? my internet went out the other day after I had loaded a script (i was using and the handy would not run the script. it made my wonder if there’s a way to the handy to still run a script without internet

secondly, even if there is no way for handy to run a script without an active internet connection, i’d still be interested in running the handy on a local site instead of an external site (like

For those with a Handy who want something similar there’s always stash:

It’s local, free, open source and full Handy funscript support. But when playing funscripts you need an internet connection, it uses the Handy web API. Would be awesome if they added local funscript playback and support for other devices. If you’re a dev you can always contribute.


(for what it’s worth, is open-source so you can run it locally if you want :smiley: )