My syncbot experience

I’ve never written a review on here before, but let me say this. I’ve owned the handy for almost 4 years now. It was an amazing ride i loved every minute of it. I have tried alot of sleeves from tenga to onaholes and have owned all of the handy collection sleeves. i was never a huge fan of the handy sleeves but I have always been into fleshlight and had heard on reddit that onaholes were the next best thing so i tried a plethara of those out and have loved a few of them out of the 10+ so of them i had bought.
The reason im telling you all this is because i had heard about the syncbot a few months back and have been looking for an upgrade from my handy for years, but nothing came out that could even compare. Keon is to bulky and slow for my taste and the SR6 was way to out of my price range, also im married and dont feel like trying to find a place to hide and store that huge thing around. It would be impossible. However the syncbot is slightly larger than the handy and comes with a nice case, so it makes it much easier to store…thats a plus in my book. After doing some extenive research on it and with the recent sale they went on i decided to give it a shot AND HOLY SHIT THIS THING IS NUTS.
I loved it right away. anyways i figured id give my thoughts and for any of you wondering trying to bounce back and forth whether its a good idea to buy this thing especially if you have a handy I would say its definetely worth the buy. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR LOOKING TO UPGRADE IT. i have not tested the ai to its full extent, but all i can say there is that for normal videos its 90% accurate. Scripted specifically for syncbot i heard is even crazier. Personally ill use both handy and syncbot but i think my preferred machine is Syncbot if i had to make a choice.


how do you hide handy/syncbot from your partner, may I ask?

I just leave my syncbot out in the open. I dont lock my room, its just out there lol. Its normally on the nightstand behind my lamp. I just moved here for the white background for pictures sake. It doesnt stand out specially next to my sony speaker. got a srs-xb23 and the syncbot just kinda looks like a bluetooth speaker lol.