N00b questions

Hi, I am new here and I have some questions.

I have a quest 2, and at the moment I use it almost exclusively in offline-mode. I transfer video files from my PC and watch them offline in DeoVR.

Now I am thinking about getting an interactive toy to enhance my experience. My questions are therefore:

  1. Is there software that lets me keep my quest 2 in offline mode while watching a video from local storage with a script, and connect directly to the toy (preferably via bluetooth)?

  2. Does it matter which toy I get for connectability? I am looking at the Lovense Max 2, but I am open to suggestions.

I am not opposed to paying for software that makes this work, as long as I don’t have to have my Quest connected to the internet while looking at movies. I am looking at HereSphere for instance, which seems to have some haptic support? I am not sure if it is possible to run this program offline though?

And I apologize if all this is apparent in some tutorial. I looked at some of them, but they seem to mainly be geting your SLR subscription to work with the DeoVR app.