NA Scripts on keon

Is there anyway to make naughty americas scripts work on kiiroo keon. I did download few but apparently they are not the real deal and require handy to function properly.

If you have an official account, I don’t know about that. From what I heard it looked only compatible with the handy. Otherwise I use the scripts available on Eroscripts with buttplug and scriptplayer and it works like a charm.

I use scriptplayer and buttplug but some of the videos i wanted to see don’t have scripts here.

Yep same here some of the Naughty America videos I want to see don’t have scripts either

so far as i know the newer scripts on NA are handy AI generated scripts that run through a handy server so i wouldnt be surprised if they only work with a handy

Bummer. Was kinda hoping there was a way to use them on other devices.

in all honesty they are not as good as the hand made scripts you can find on SLR,RS and some of the guys that post them here or on gumroad, stroke length many times way to shallow (especially for keon/launch users), direction changes a few frames to soon or to late, or even in the wrong direction, not even talking about missing strokes.

AI tracking can be a nice help for some but it needs a lot of editing afterwards to make a good script. but it must be said they are better then the metascripts they used to have.
I think if they were free like CzechVR then it wouldnt be so bad but now your paying for something that is not so good.

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